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With a combined experience of more than 20 years in the property sector as real estate entrepreneurs, both Shen Jiaming and Joelle Chew have established themselves as leaders in the marketing of prime properties in Singapore. 

With more than 500 sales and leases of prime properties under their belts predominantly as project marketing leaders, the husband and wife team have been among the most sought-after project leaders when it involves the marketing, lease and sales of some of Singapore’s most prime properties. 

Armed with an astute sense and knowledge of the market and coupled with a strong personal and professional network, Jiaming and Joelle have the capability to turn your dream home into a reality, and go the extra mile to help you achieve your property goals.

Sales and marketing aside, both Jiaming and Joelle have made it a personal ambition to groom, train and mentor aspiring real estate entrepreneurs who have a passion for the industry and who wish to achieve financial freedom. 

Joelle Chew

A deep passion for service was what brought Joelle Chew to the world of real estate. A dedicated hotelier in her earlier years, Joelle believes in genuine service relationship with all of her clients. Her passion for service is probably what defines her from other agents in the market, which is why along with her husband Shen Jiaming, she is one of the industry’s trusted advisors.

With 10 good years of sales and marketing exposure, Joelle has gained extensive hands-on experience in marketing prime properties in Singapore and overseas, and is highly sought after for the sales and marketing of private residential apartments and houses in many parts of Singapore.

With the wealth of knowledge, her clients love to seek her sound advice on their sales and purchases as well as leasing of private residential homes. She believes that her extensive real estate experience and dedication, combined with her exceptional customer service and a reliance on a needs-based analysis for clients is what has made her so successful with her real estate career to date, and what sets her apart from other agents. Prompt responses, pro-activeness and professionalism, three qualities that Joelle strongly adheres to, makes her the best real estate buddy for you.

“I’m always excited to meet new people and work with them towards a common goal. I look forward to putting my skills to work for your property and giving you the peace of mind that your property is receiving the same level of care as my own.”

Shen Jiaming

Shen Jiaming traces his experience in the sales and marketing industry back all the way to his school days. As a teenager, he worked his way through school selling household products in departmental stores to pay for his school fees. 

He eventually joined the ranks as an officer in the Republic of Singapore Air Force where his talent for creative marketing landed him in the recruitment and marcomm department during his service. Jiaming is an accomplished Realtor and Real Estate leader with a wealth of experience and an array of accomplishments in the marketing and management of his clients’ property portfolios mainly in the landed segment, prime districts and the commercial sector. 

His passion for land and houses came when he was introduced to the world of property more than a decade ago. After multiple successful transactions, Jiaming brought along his wife Joelle Chew into landed homes sales and marketing and formed a colourful alliance in the landed homes segment in multiple districts across Singapore. Their creative marketing strategies and dedication to their clients have become highly sought after, which has led to an overall increase in business referrals over time. Clients have often spoken highly of Jiaming’s passion and sound knowledge of the real estate market, which is why he is considered one of ERA’s best in the industry.

His recommendations to his clients have, most of the time garnered good returns over the years and they know that his passion for houses, and creativity in marketing paves the way to a successful sale and leasing of their properties. 

“The mark of a successful realtor is not just about the usual way of marketing, but rather, the continuous pursuit of great ideas to give the profession a colourful perspective in the ever-challenging market. Coupled with the utmost professionalism, the realtor will not just be successful, but also, revered to be the realtor of choice.”